Friday, January 9, 2009

Annual Dinner

Malam semalam ofis aku ada buat function kat Quality Hotel.. buat 2 in 1 event.. firstly, buat farewell dinner for my ketua unit yg dah promoted to Asst. Branch Manager n perpindahan our Regional Office to a new building.. since our Regional same building as my branch.. then we all in the same Club.. buat la skali Annual Dinner utk membubarkan kelab for yr 2008 ni.. nak menghabiskan duit2 kelab yg ade.. tu pon ade lebih lagi..
Layan gamba je la.. gamba kaum mak2 n bapak2 berposing.. hehehe..

- present for our Ketua Unit n flowers for Regional Manager's wife -

-souviner from Clubs to Regional -
- doof gift for all the staffs -

- ni la our Ketua Unit.. dengan presents from us.. new handbag.. -

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